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Explore the Bow River, Echo Creek, and Vermillion Lakes for up to two hours for free when you show your Staff ID Card at Ultimate Sports.

How to Rent Canoe

Take your Staff ID Card to Ultimate Sports (206 Banff Ave.).  Leave your Staff ID Card at the  desk, read the terms & conditions, and receive a Canoe Pass.

Take the Canoe Pass and one piece of government issued photo ID to the Banff Canoe Club, located on the Bow River at the end of Wolf Street.  Enjoy up to 2 hours on the water.

When you're paddled out, or your time's up, return the Canoe, collect your ID, and return the canoe pass to Ultimate Sports. Canoe passes can be held for a maximum of three hours per day (subject to availability).

Entitlements & Responsibilities

You must present your Staff ID Card at Ultimate to collect a Canoe Pass. Your Staff ID card will be held at Ultimate until you return the canoe pass.

Canoe passes must be returned to Ultimate within 3 hours of the pickup time and during Ultimate opening hours.

Canoe passes are valid for a two hour canoe rental based on two people per canoe.  Additional hours will be charged at $20 per hour.  Passes can be used once per day per individual renter (subject to availability). The Employee Pass holder must be one of the passengers in the canoe.

Canoe passes are not valid for kayak, stand - up paddleboard ( SUP ) , or offsite canoe rentals.

More Information

For availability, visit Ultimate Sports (206 Banff Ave.) or call (403) 762-0547.  No advance bookings available.

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