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Take an evening to relax and experience our hospitality from a guest’s perspective. Enjoy a complimentary 1-night stay at the Banff Lodging Company hotel of your choice every three months of your employment. 

Employee Responsibilities

You must be a room occupant, and you are responsible for all upgrade and incidental charges during the stay.

Complimentary Hotel Stays are intended for quiet enjoyment. Parties, excessive noise and misconduct of any occupant will result in immediate eviction.


Please note; some restrictions apply during busy times throughout the year.

You can’t save your free stays to make a multi-night booking (your three months are counted from your first day of work or from your last free stay) so be sure to use them!

How to Book

Download the Complimentary Hotel Room Agreement for terms and conditions and to sign up.  Submit your completed agreement to your Department Head.

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