H&R Block is Banff Lodging Co.'s tax service provider of choice.  Get free advice about your personal income tax situation, and receive a 20% discount* when you show your Staff ID Card and pay H&R Block to help you file your annual tax return.

* Discount not available April 15th - 30th.

What's a Tax Return?

Filing a tax return is your way of checking with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) that you've paid the right amount of tax in the previous calendar year.  If you're one of the many Caribous unfamiliar with the Canadian tax system, don't worry! Everything you'll need to know is right here.

How do I File a Return?

Step 1: Access your T4 statement by logging-on to Dayforce. You must log-on through an internet browser to access your T4, as it is not available in the mobile version of the app. Selecting the Earnings icon and click on the Year End Forms tab (top left).

Your T4 for for the previous calendar year becomes available in February.

Step 2: Gather your expense receipts. If you’ve incurred any medical, education, childcare or work related expenses during the previous calendar year you may be able to claim them back.

Step 3: File your tax return between March 1st and April 30th. You can do this yourself using a variety of online systems, or visiting our personal tax service provider of choice, H&R Block in Banff or Canmore, and paying for a return to be submitted to CRA on your behalf.

More Information

For help and advice on your personal tax circumstances or general information about H&R Block services, visit H&R Block’s location in Banff (Ground Floor, Bear St. Mall, 226 Bear St.) or new location in Canmore (The Shops of Canmore, Suite 209, 300 Old Canmore Road).

General information about filing a tax return can be found on the CRA Website;  or by calling CRA's service line on 1 (800) 959-8281.

For help accessing your T4 in Dayforce, or other support related issues, email payroll@bestofbanff.com.

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