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Know someone who would be a great fit with Caribou Culture? Banff Lodging Company will reward you with up to $300 additional pay for recommending a friend between February 1st and August 31st.


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How to Make a Referral

Introduce the individual to the Hiring Manager, either in person or by providing a resume. If the person is hired, complete an Employee Referral Agreement and submit it to the Hiring Manager.


All employees paid on an hourly basis are eligible to participate in the Employee Referral Program . Referrals are valid upon correct completion of a Referral Agreement, including authorization by the referred employee’s Hiring Manager.

Referral Agreements must be submitted to the HR department within one month of the referred employee’s start date. The person you referred must be in a position of good standing throughout the reward eligibility period and you must also be an active BLC employee on the payday after the referred individual’s 3 and 6-month anniversary to receive your reward(s).

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