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The Regional Service between Banff and Canmore provides a quick, convenient, and environmentally conscious way to travel.  Leave your vehicle where it is, don’t worry about trying to find parking and just enjoy your ride!

Buses run every 30 mins between 6:00am and 9:00am and from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. Outside of these times, buses run every 60 mins, and the trip travel time is approximately 24 minutes.

Pass Options & Pricing

By ordering through Banff Caribou Properties, employees can pay the cost of their pass up-front, or take advantage of payroll deductions and spread payment across your next four paycheques. 

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All prices include GST.  An additional $3.00 charge applies when purchasing a new Roam Smart Card.  Smart Cards can be recharged after your initial pass purchase.

How to Purchase a Pass

Sign up at Head Office (229 Bear St., 3rd Floor, Wolf & Bear Mall) by filling out a Roam Regional Transit Pass Agreement.  Flexible payment options are available, including credit card, cash or cheque, or spread the cost over 8 weeks with four bi-weekly payroll deductions.

Your pass will be ready to collect from the Bow Valley Regional Transit Services Commission office, located at  221 Beaver Street.

Please allow 2 business days after ordering before collecting your pass.

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