Employee Ski Pass Program

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Banff Lodging Company offers subsidized season passes for local ski resorts to employees.  Take advantage of great prices on a mid-week or full week pass for Lake Louise, Sunshine Village, or Mount Norquay, or access them all with a Ski Big 3 season pass!

All passes include free return transportation between Banff and the resort.  Choose from multiple payment options that offer you flexibility and convenience.

Lake Louise Special Offer

We know you Lake Louise lovers want to make the most out of your ski season, but the distance can make it hard to squeeze in a shred session before your shift... which is why we're offering you a special deal; You're able to purchase TWO passes with employee pricing under the condition that one of them is a Lake Louise Mid-Week or Full-Week pass. 

How to Purchase a Pass

Passes can be purchased at Head Office - 229 Bear Street, 3rd Floor, Wolf & Bear Mall during regular business hours (Monday – Friday from  9:00am – 4:30pm), starting Wednesday, October 9th.

The final day to purchase a season pass is Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

2019-2020 Employee Pricing

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* Loyalty deposit payable on first pass only, refundable in April 2020 (see conditions below). 

** Limited number available.

Payment Options

Accepted payment methods include; cash, cheque or credit card (debit is not accepted). 

1. Pay the full price of your pass upfront by cash, cheque or credit.


2. Pay the first installment by cash, cheque or credit on sign-up, then pay the remaining balance in one seperate payment before December 17th, or by payroll deductions (split evenly across 6 pay periods).

IMPORTANT: Debit card payments are not accepted.  Please provide the exact amount when paying cash as change cannot be provided.

Loyalty Deposit

Banff Lodging Co. will return your loyalty deposit of $200.00 provided you meet the following conditions:

1. You maintain an average minimum of 20 hours of work per week between December 15th, 2019 and April 4, 2020;

2. You have paid for your pass in full, and you have no other monies owing to Banff Caribou Properties Ltd.;

3. You are an active Banff Lodging Company employee on April 4th, 2020.

If eligible, your $200.00 deposit will be refunded and included in your April 10th, 2020 pay.

Refund Information

Passes are non-refundable except when Refund Insurance is purchased, subject to resort terms & conditions. The Refund Insurance can be purchased only at the time of pass purchase, and is non-refundable. 

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Refund Option terms & conditions and calculations are different for each ski resort. For full details, go to the Resource Hub or visit their website: 

Lake Louise

Sunshine Village


The refund option is not offered on Norquay passes.

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