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Would you like to further develop your career in the tourism and hospitality industry? Do you get excited about new learning opportunities?

The Banff & Lake Louise Hospitality Association (BLLHA) is awarding bursaries up to a maximum of $500 to individuals who wish to take a course or program relating to hospitality and tourism.

How it Works

Successful applicants will receive notification from BLLHA that they have been chosen as a bursary recipient, but will be required to provide proof of completion of the course before funds are disbursed.

Payment of course fees will be the responsibility of the bursary recipient upon enrollment. After providing proof of completion, BLLHA will issue a cheque in your name directly to you.

Program Requirements

Programs do not need to be at an undergrad or apprentice level. There are many programs relating to tourism & hospitality studies that occur online or locally in Banff, Canmore, or Calgary.

Conduct an online search for a course that interests you, or contact hr@bestofbanff.com for a list of recommended courses.

Eligibility & Application Process

Being a BLC employee makes you an eligible candidate! If you would like to apply, contact hr@bestofbanff.com for the application form or find it HERE.

Complete the form and submit it to Human Resources at Head Office or hr@bestofbanff.com before June 30th to have it signed and submitted on your behalf.

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