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Event Overview

The Annual Housekeeping Olympics hosted by Banff Lake Louise Hospitality Association (BLLHA) will bring together Housekeeping Olympians from Banff and Lake Louise properties to showcase their professional skills in an evening competition; 

Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

Fenlands Recreation Centre

Participant BBQ | 5pm - 6:45pm 

Olympic Competition | 7pm - 9pm 

Awards Ceremony | 9:15 - 9:30pm

How to Join a Team

Each hotel can register a team consisting of 8 participants. If you would like to join your hotel's Housekeeping Olympics team, please speak with your Executive Housekeeper!

The deadline to sign up is Friday, May 10th

Volunteer at the Event

There are a number of volunteer opportunities available for those that don't want to compete. Employees wishing to help out can click here to register

Olympic Events

There will be 5 events with a chance to win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place 

Mop Race

Push a dry wet floor mop through an obstacle course in the least amount of time.

Bed Making Competition

Properly make and strip a bed in the least amount of time following specific guidelines.

Upright Vacuum Relay

Vacuum the 4’ x 6’ area free of confetti and then return to the start line with the vacuum turned off and cord wrapped around cord hooks within 2 minutes. 

Towel Folding Competition
Two participants will work together to complete the tasks in 5 minutes. The ‘folder’ will pull from a large pile of towels and fold as many towels as possible. The Towel Artist will create as many works of towel art as possible. 

Buffer Pad Toss

From a distance of 20’, a blindfolded person is to toss all 5 buffer pads (1 pad at a time) to a partner holding a toilet plunger. The partner must catch the buffer pads while staying in the 4’ x 6’ marked rectangular space.

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